Constrained Values

Dealing with constrained values during your data migration and, to a lesser extent, your data integration activity, is a common headache that you will have to deal with. The Talend Framework aims to make this easy for you, with the library Job LibLoadCVMap.

In simple terms, you have a constrained list of values in your source system (unfortunately, this constrained list is often free-text) and you need to map these to the constrained values in your target system. The value lists will often contain different codes that actually mean the same thing.

For a more in-depth discussion on constrained values, read this article on our sister Website


The library Job LibLoadCVMap takes responsibility for loading and pre-processing your constrained value mapping tables, presenting sanitised look-ups that you may use in your Job.

If there are inconsistencies in your constrained value mapping input, these will be reported and may allow processing to be stopped.