Job: LibArchive

Job: LibArchive

Job: LibArchive is a library Job that is able archive files from a number of known directories.

Job: LibArchive may work in conjunction with Job: LibPruneFileSystem, to ensure that your file system is maintained in a healthy state, with minimum effort on your part.

Job: LibArchive supports archiving of the following directories.


Calling Job: LibArchive

Job: LibArchive is not called automatically by the Framework. You must call Job: LibArchive at an appropriate point during your Job’s orchestration, usually on completion of all other activity.

Choosing What to Archive

Job: LibArchive provides four Context variables that determine which directories should be archived. By default, these are all set to false.


When archiving these directories, all files and sub-directories will be archived.

Optionally Deleting Archived Files

Under normal operation, it is likely that you will want to delete files that have been archived; however, this may not always be the case. It may also be the case that you only want to delete certain files from these directories, for example, you may not want to delete unprocessed files from your input directory.

Deleting files is achieved by providing a file pattern by way of additional Context variables. File deletion will only take place if you have chosen to archive the directory that contains the files, and once archiving has successfully completed.

File deletion is controlled by the following Context variables. By default, no file deletion will take place.


File patterns are defined using global expressions, for example: –