Job: TemplateChild

Job: TemplateChild is called by Job: TemplateProcess and is responsible for performing your own specific work. It is a lightly-frameworked Job and has no particular constraints on how you work. As you would normally, you may call other Job: TemplateChild from with in this Job (making it an Orchestration Job); andĀ it is recommend that all of these are derived from Job: TemplateChild, or an ancestor.

Once you have started to work with thisĀ template, it is more than likely that you will start to build your own templates that have all been derived from Job: TemplateChild, rather than always reverting to the master template each time you want to start some new work.

Future versions of the Framework will include additional templates, as we introduce application-specific templating.

Key Features of this Job are: –

  • Lightly-frameworked Template
  • Robust Error Handling