Persistent Jobs

Job Persistence allows a Job to continually run within specified parameters. This feature supports Jobs that require continual batch-processing.

Depending on your requirements, there may be other mechanisms available to you, should you wish your Job to run in a persistent manner. For example, if you are reading data from a middleware queue, there may be a Talend Component that manages the persistent of reading from this queue.

Managing Persistent Jobs

Persistence is managed by Job: TemplateProcess.

If persistence is enabled, Job: TemplateChild will be executed multiple times, up to the specified maximum limit.Job: TemplateProcess will sleep for the specified number of seconds, after each successful execution of Job: TemplateChild.

A Persistent Job will honour the Job’s Run Window, if one has been specified.

Run-once Job

If you are building a Persistent Job, you may also specify a run once Job. This is simply a Job: TemplateChild that is executed just once, prior to executing the looped Job. This is used when you may choose, for example, to perform some Job-specific initialisation that should only be executed once.

Stopping a Persistent Job

You can stop a Persistent Job by creating a Stop File.