Salesforce Data Migration – Data Profiling

Source system data profiling will usually form part of your initial analysis and mapping activities – where is your data coming from, what does it look like, and where is it going? There are a number of software products that may help you in this activity, and we will discuss this aspect of your work in another article.

Now that we have both Acquired and Identified our data, we have an opportunity to perform some in-flight data profiling.

Data profiling may not be a linear activity, and I include it at this point of our processing, to demonstrate what can be achieved with in-flight profiling. We may perform additional data profiling, as we manipulate our data throughout the logic of our migration.

The benefit of in-flight data profiling is that it allows us to have profiling that is an integral part of our data migration. We should not expect the consistency and quality of our data to remain consistent throughout the analysis, development and implementation stages of our entire data migration.

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