Salesforce Migration Framework Installation

Now that you’ve created your new project, as described in Salesforce Data Migration, you can now import the Salesforce Data Migration Framework.

tCheckpoint Component

Before you import the Salesforce Data Migration Framework, you will need to install some custom components. The Salesforce Data Migration Framework uses the custom components tCheckpoint and its siblings tCheckpointStart and tCheckpointEnd. You should install these components before proceeding.

You may download and install these component from the Talend Exchange, in the normal manner. Alternatively, you may download these from, where you will find full documentation.

As with any software installation, you should exercise caution when installing components and other code from the Talend Exchange. I developed all of the components that are used in these tutorials, so I know that these are safe components for you to install and use.

Installing the Salesforce Data Migration Framework

Select the archive file, hit Select All Button and then Finish Button to complete the installation.

Salesforce Data Migration, Import,Items
Salesforce Data Migration Framework, Import Items

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