Template Jobs


The Talend Framework centres around four Template Jobs that, when used together, give you access to the components and feature of the Framework. These are known as the core templates.

The Framework also include additional templates that are designed to perform common tasks, as well as application-specific templating. Some of these templates are provided free of charge; however, we may ask for a reasonable fee for some of our application-specific templates. These are known as the premium templates.

You use the Template Jobs by duplicating (copying) them. If you have not already done so, I would strongly recommend that you complete the tutorial My First Framework Job.

The Template Jobs

You’ll find all of the Template Jobs in the Repository folder: –

Repository->Job Designs->Templates

There are four core Template Jobs, and we’ll explore their function in some detail, throughout this series of articles.

The four core Template Jobs are: –

Template Jobs allow you to start using the Talend Framework within your project. You can configure the features that you want to use, through the use of Context.

These templates will allow you to easily upgrade your own Jobs, should you install an updated version of the Framework and want to use new functionality. Existing Jobs will always remain compatible with new versions of the Framework.